Diploma Project • Jewellery • Technical College Trier

17th May to 20th June 2008

Individual presentations on 30/06, 06/06, 13/06 and 20/06.

Four graduates of the course of studies ‘Gemstone and Jewellery Design’ of the Technical College in Trier (Fachhochschule Trier) will introduce themselves. In addition to that, other works by current and past students will be presented, too.

Vernissage: Saturday, 4th November, at 6.00 p.m.

Exhibition: Sunday, 18th May, from 1 p.m.

Individual presentations of the jewellery designers will follow on each Friday.

30/05 | 7 p.m. : Ossi Osswald (Darmstadt) – A Daughter of 14 Years of Age, or "The Art How to Embrace a Cactus"

06/06 | 7 p.m. : Sina Emrich (always on the road) – Jewellery Nomad / Learn the World | Address of welcome: Theo Smeets, Professor at the Technical College in Trier

13/05 | 7 p.m. : Maya van Lierop (Netherlands) - "To be continued ..."

20/06 | 7 p.m. : Susanne Kaube (Munich) - "Trip into the Blue”