Photo Designer Peter Lutz and Andrea Schmidt


Erbstücke (Heirlooms) is a project initiated by the qualified photo designer Peter Lutz and Andrea Schmidt in 2005. It describes the significance of jewellery for people and illustrates connecting moments between people and generations, by comparing an old photograph of a person wearing jewellery with the current portrait of its current owner. The connection is the identical piece of jewellery on both pictures.

The pure picture of the portrait, which has in no way been artistically staged, is supposed to disclose the meaning to the observer. Individual stories and questions evolve naturally in the head of the observer, by comparing the images. For example, how did the pictured person get that piece of jewellery? What is the relationship of these two persons? Did they know each other? Has the piece of jewellery changed over the years? Does the heiress possibly wear the piece of jewellery at special occasions?

However, in addition to all of that, the photographs very clearly indicate the social status of the owners, and they tell about fashion and hair style and, hence, culture and history.

It is particularly impressive that the pieces of jewellery, although they have been taken out of the context of culture by bequest, and although they may not really match the heiress, still have a very high idealistic value for the owner, which goes beyond everything else. And it is this value that makes the jewellery to be passed from generation to generation.

However, in some cases, you can see that the pieces of jewellery have succumbed to the fashion trends and have changed over the years, so to say, they have adjusted to the wearers and the times.

The project is by far not completed yet! Should you own an inherited piece of jewellery and have a photograph of its previous owner which clearly shows the same piece, please contact Peter Lutz or Andrea Schmidt.


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